Real Talk: Take #9

Question: What Country were you born?

Horizon: I was born in the United States.

Question: As a musician it is a job that requires a lot of studying, rehearsing, performing, and touring. Are you ready for that?

Horizon: I come to learn that as a professional barber and accountant they both require the same game plan to become successful. Music is something that I wished for as a kid so I am going to give it a go applying myself in a way no different from the time and energy used to become a barber and accountant.

Question: Sometimes it may require touring outside of the United States is that a problem for you?

Horizon: It is now 2016, and I never traveled outside of the United States. However I am definitely looking forward to it. I've heard a lot of stories about how other countries really enjoy most talent that comes from the United States. I am hoping to one day add to that positive impression only to be remembered always and forever.


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