Indie Hip Hop Music Recording Artist. Born in New Jersey, Troy Legette currently resides and works in Tampa, Florida using his artist stage name Horizon. Through all the growth along with transitions in Hip Hop, Horizon is another MC obtaining the ability to captivate the listening ear by using lyrical metaphors and sensible content. Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey with his family, Horizon clearly remembers some of his first encounters with the Hip Hop culture: break dancing on cardboard boxes in the neighborhood, listening to rap music as a kid, and the beginning of learning his musical songwriting craft.

During 6th grade at Gregory Elementary in New Jersey, he remembers agreeing to do a show with some elementary school friends. The song was titled “The Symphony”, produced by DJ Marley Marl & the Juice Crew. His verse to recite was by Big Daddy Kane. It was in the living room of a neighborhood friend where he wrote down word for word, continuously pressing rewind on a tape deck until he got the complete verse written down on paper. Horizon rehearsed that verse every day until he could say it without looking at the paper only to find out days later that the show was canceled. It was at that point he realized he wanted to seriously write his own rhymes. It was the fun of writing and reciting that raised his adrenaline level above normal.

In the 7th or 8th grade at St. Mary’s Cathedral Parochial School in New Jersey, was his very first performance on a stage in front of an audience. The beat of choice was titled “Scratch & Kut”, found on the Main Source “Breaking Atoms” album.

Upon relocating to Tampa, Florida, Horizon attended 9th grade at Middleton Junior High School in 1992, encountering a school mate from Brooklyn, New York who was a DJ. His encouragement provided fuel for Horizon to keep writing rhymes. They both entered 10th grade at Hillsborough High School together in 1993 meeting up with more experienced rappers and DJ’s from different states doing what they were doing at that time. It was there they joined up with two other rappers to write a verse on their first song called “Who Got The Flavor,” where they rehearsed almost every day at lunch on the school’s patio. If Horizon wasn’t focused on writing lyrics and watching music videos at home, he was on the basketball court playing ball at the park. His music definitely has that 80’s and 90’s style sound.

 Horizon’s major goal is to add to the culture of Hip Hop music by releasing songs that obtain conscious content, lyrical finesse, and inspiring beats. As he says quoted, “Looking forward to people enjoying my music just as I did growing up listening to the many who paved the way for me.”



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