Poetry - Upcoming Second Poetry Book

This was a poem I submitted to a poetry magazine: It will be in my second poetry book. I love basketball so I had to do it.




The highlight is the power of finishing

Engaged on a fast break 3 on 2

Or a 2 on 1 situation


Complete control in each dribble

Right to left, left to right

Driving to the basket


Options flashing quicker than every step

With questions bubbling from the adrenaline rush


There is a difference between skills and talent

Skills is what practice help develop over a period of time

Talent is the natural coordination of skills one is born with


The game is the happiness and competiveness of the challenge

Each minute adds on to the set time for 4 quarters


Strategy defines the better play book

Experience builds the confidence needed for the greatest performance


Some coaches says defense is the best offense

Some coaches expect education to be first priority


On court, man to man stimulates high intensity

A zone protects against deliberate penetration


Good sportsmanship reflect great character

Meaning accepting the win or loss after giving all within


Great leadership begins with great students

Students who listen follow directions, and trust the process


Every captain was that student at some point

The growth evolved into a unified body – the team


The collective, collaborate together in unison

Regulated in a organized manner playing under the whistle


Laying the ball up against the backboard with right or left

Or spreading the fingers on the ball for a jumpstart

Through the net-swish!!


March, 15, 2015

By: Troy Legette


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